Entry: Prism Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Why tame a heart, why not let it breathe?
Why make it suffer with a certain defeat?
Why complicate what is so simple to feel?
Why ask when you can see what is real?
Why overshadow today with the fear of tomorrow?
Why mask a smile with a doubtful brow?
Why focus on a scar written in a healing heart?
Why not turn your back, from pain you depart?
Why claim a broken wing when all the wind’s asking you to fly?
Why stoop and stay down? Why not give it one more try?

I may never be yours. You may never be mine.
I may never claim your heart. No time can define.
But at least now with you, now I try.
With this heart, with all I am, until you say goodbye.

If it's my goodbye you're waiting for
Then why would there be more in store
When one day it will rain and pour
And we will waste a little bit more?

I spent enough tears
To give in to all these fears
I'm scared but I'm all in
It's too late - I'm falling.

Your goodbye's what I dread to see
When you turn your back, never to look at me
When your tear's with a frown, a painful sob
When all the smile from your lips I rob
I may not be sure what tomorrow may bring
But while here with you, I'd let the angels sing
Hear their soft laughter as they create our world
As our life's love story prevails and unfolds

And I may still be afraid to make promises
To not believe anymore on romances
But I want to keep it real than be blinded
I'd rather be firm, honest, and grounded
Yes, tomorrow is quite uncertain
You can break my heart in shards of ten
Yet, I gambled the rest of my being
All or nothing - I'm betting everything.

I aim nothing but to make you happy
You would never need promises with me
I care not what empty words deliver
All I am, to you I've surrendered

I know how shaky your past has been
I cry inside, but I keep things thin
I want to take your heart away
Keep it in store, protect from every prey

I try to mask the worry that I feel
With you my love, my fears became real
But through all these, you know I wouldn’t leave
Who am I to fool? My heart I can't deceive


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