Entry: Lashes Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I chased after shooting stars
Mapped the sky for Venus and Mars
And I turned to look at you
Maybe you don't have a clue

We claimed the night until the morning
To another clueless beginning
That maybe this is something new
But who knew? Who knew?

And you boarded bus number five
I hoped and longed to be alive
And I turned to look for you
Maybe you didn't have a clue.

I know you're afraid, believe me dear so am I
But though I carry a shaking heart, I can't help but try
Your laughter melts all the fear away
Your smile keeps me floating, touching stars astray

Watching you sleep, rested upon my bed
Feeling your hair, inhaling your scent
Hearing you breathe as your body rises and falls
Listening to your heart as my name it recalls

Finding it hard to carry on
Maybe this time cupid won
How can I function just the same
When it's my heart I had to tame

I remember your kisses and your lips
Is this for now or for keeps?
Because I'm scared but happy
Am I to betray all that in me?


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