Entry: +37 Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I listen to you as you sing that song
A song that I haven't heard for so long
I find myself humming along to the melody
And blending along its symphony

I listen to you as you lie that long
A lie that we both know was so wrong
I find myself nodding along to your symphony
And knowing very well you're lying to me

But I did not turn away or refused to hear
To your "oh baby, I wish you were here"
Because I wrote that song long ago
And I deserved to hear it with its flaw

I watched you unfold before my very eyes
The poison that muffled all the numbing cries
You didn't know the curse that song could bring
To whoever should ever have the guts to sing

The devil is never ugly nor resides in the dark
Temptation is very attractive playing a sweet lark
I listen to you as you sing that song
I wonder why and I wonder for how long.


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