Entry: Choose Thursday, April 24, 2014

People truly care when they grow each other
Like watering plants everyday or not plucking the flower
We allow things to bloom, and understand why they wither
And like some hearts, some are hard and some are tender

Sometimes it's enough to listen than to help destroy
Memories that brought tears or a sense of joy
We will never truly understand how it did feel
We can only imagine and forge what was real

Before we share our thoughts, examine our intention
Do we put up walls or burn bridges for liberation
Because it is a disgrace to make the world smaller
By encouraging hate and refuse to be better

Love is never selfish, nor is it tolerant of anger
It is pure and understanding and aims to be bigger
Bigger than the pain, the deceit, and the lies
Bigger than for ever, and bigger than goodbye's.


Abeng Medrano
April 26, 2014   10:20 PM PDT
Great writing as always. :)

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