Entry: 11-24 Sunday, August 11, 2013

Should I go by another name, I shall be called Moment
For a moment fits perfectly in that little gap when you're silent
A moment lets itself be captured and holds the best feeling
and then hides away to a safe place in your being

A moment holds its own eternity when you lie still and recall
A moment is your only witness during your rise and fall
And while you think of me, you treasure me always
You go back to foolish youth and grow slowly with grace

I shall be your silent confidant when you're put to the test
I shall be your only comfort when life breaks your best
And I will never judge you nor give away your fear
I shall allow you to be weak, I will always be here

And should you be crashing over a lost love
I, a moment, will all that you'll have
I shall envelope you with time silently
Until you heal, and once again, leave me

Then one day if you decide to go back to that-this Moment
This Moment will be where you came and went
I may bear another name but surely you will see
That the moment you're looking for has always been me.


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