Entry: Au Revoir Friday, August 09, 2013

I remember that day, when we decided to make a time capsule,
We gathered everything, we even had our digging tool.

I was encapsuling tokens, journals and letters,
you were encapsuling dreams, wishes, and answers.

We buried something to be remembered and dug in time,
to temporarily suspend love - and serve that committed crime.

I find myself going back, digging my way to that memory of us,
Now and then I'm knee deep in dirt, cradling close what was.

And all I find are empty eyes, cold hands, and missing hearts
Scattered pieces of once a great love, now in small parts

I used to know you and all the magic that you bring
Life used to light up, you made my heart sing

It may not have been a capsule, instead, a dark casket
We may have died that day, and we don't know it yet

Because we failed to write a memoir and let flowers fall from the sky
We failed to understand that on that day, we both chose to die.


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