Entry: C.T.B.W.Y.R.? Monday, May 06, 2013

Yes, it was a good run. I was initially in for fun.
But you decided you want to be different. With you, all the non-existent rules were bent.

Is this the time that we fold? When we'll let in the cold?
Because there seem to be only one way. It seems we can't choose to stay.

I feel that I still have a lot to say, but right now, you're just too far away.
We had to make a haste choice. There's just too much external noise.

And slowly, you're becoming a stranger, Just as I want to hold on much longer.
This unfinished story will rot away, along with the smiles and flowers of May.

Right now, I'm feeling the lament. Over a lover that was never meant.
Because I'm letting you break me. Just at this moment, I'm letting it be.

But we will still celebrate life. In another universe, I'm still your wife.
Out there, we had dreams for two. Out there, there's me and you.


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