Entry: Bunjee Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tonight I'll be on a perennial dream, until further notice, I'll flow on a
stream, of endless thoughtlessness and surreal reality, seeping their way
to my sanity.

And all I can distinct is a gasp, between your mouth and the clasp, of my
hand against the sheets and the look in our eyes as they meet.

And all I can taste is your skin, as pure and as soft as satin, in broken
moans and breaths, I counted life and I counted deaths.

And all I can hold is that stare, my stare - your stare - our stare. We didn't
need words, no we didn't need much, all that lingers with me is your touch.

And I moan your name in my sleep, I'd have you shallow, I'd have you
deep, time can never run any fast, I hope I can last, I wish this will last.

Good night, my Love - once again, steal the night. I will not, at all, put up a
fight. Let me dream, let me scream, let me come to senselessness. Love, I
can't love you any less.


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