Entry: ***LIFE*** Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tonight, I needed air
Tonight, I need you there
Maybe I need a confession
Where I won't bend my reason
Behind this thick truth
Is a very twisted lie
I want to come clean now
Or at least I can try
And if I start to strip away
How much of me can you take?
Each layer to lay bare
Am I going to be a mistake?

Tonight, I will let go
Tonight, you have to know
That I married the devil once
Counting twenty-three months
Behind this sick truth
Is a soft pleading cry
You have to know now
Or I must continue to lie
But I will strip anyway
Whether or not you can take
I will lay myself bare
Decide if I'm a mistake

Tonight, I'm out of air
Tonight, I know you're there
I breathed my confession
I didn't bend any reason
Behind this dead truth
Is a big question why
Is it even important to you?
That I'm stopping to deny
And I'm stripped away
Knowing what's at stake
I'm now all bare
Am I a mistake?


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